March 7, 2017

3 SEO Updates That Will Continue Throughout 2017

2017 is well underway—but are your digital strategies? If you were living under a rock the past few years and don’t understand how important search rankings are—93% of online experiences begin with search. When it comes to SEO, not only are Google’s algorithm updates changing rapidly, but also customers’ usage and expectations. Usability has heavily influenced Google’s algorithm in the past year. Here are my top 3 SEO updates of 2016 influenced by consumer usability:

December 13, 2005

Search: The End of the Road

You've just clicked the final button on the beginning of your Google AdWords campaign. If you've selected the right keywords, traffic is starting to see your ad and click through to your web site. In a matter of days, you can see the difference the AdWords campaign has on your web site's traffic logs. Success, right? Well, maybe.

August 14, 2005

Search: Choosing Your Words (and Price) Carefully Part 2

Search Engine Marketing is supposed to be easy. The entire theory around the process is that the customer is already searching for your website and they only need a sign pointing them in the right direction. While the theory still holds true, the truth is that like any other marketing opportunity, it takes thought and strategy to make the effort worthwhile.

August 12, 2005

Search: Effectively Marketing Online Part 1

Last year, $9.6 billion dollars was spent by companies advertising online – and that number is only growing. 2005 saw spending for online advertising jump another 4.3%, to $2.8 billion dollars for the first quarter alone. With nearly 70% of the American population online, the fight for the eyes of the online consumer is heating up at a record pace. And it's starting at the most common Internet site, the search engine.

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