Putting care into



And speaking the customer's language

For over 30 years, RjM has learned the language of healthcare. From ALF and sniff, to HIPPA and rehospitalization, we can speak the language. But, some of your customers use words like “care”, “quality” and “family”. To them, the technical terms are less important than the end result. Be sure you are speaking the right language to your audience. Whether you are talking to the doctor, admissions department, physical therapists, or the sons and daughters of someone in your care; it’s important to know the right things to say. 

This is what has led us to creating an hour long documentary films, facility newspapers that are sent to prospective residents, specialized kits for doctors and custom designs for a fleet of company cars.  RjM has been innovative in the methods that we use to deliver your message by putting the same care into your marketing that you do for your patients and residents. Let’s talk today to get your healthcare marketing working. 

We speak the language