Why settle for a job

when we offer


Talk to those who have worked here and they’ll tell you: RjM isn’t just where they got their start. This is where they discovered and built upon a lifelong passion for branding, design, client services, digital strategy, or creative thinking. 

“University and other jobs I held have helped me along the way, but I think my internship at RjM was the difference between me working an eventual job as a cog in a machine to one where I can take ownership of my work. It sounds cheesy, but I learned more than how to point a camera and shoot. I learned what I was capable of.”

Shannon Kohlitz
Owner, Kohlitz

That’s because we encourage staff to get their hands dirty, take ownership of a project, and expand their horizons. While some employees and interns have chosen to stay with the company for decades, others have moved on to larger cities and jobs with Leo Burnett, LinkedIn, Team Detroit, Ogilvy & Mather, Constant Contact, and more.

If you’re just looking for the next job, look somewhere else. But if you're looking to grow your experience, skills, and portfolio, then please call. Or send a cover letter that makes us want to call you back. Our employee handbook may help you decide whether you wish to make that call.

Internship Program

Don't end up pushing that logo a little to the left, rewriting that ad into an AdWord, or worst of all, pushing papers and making coffee. When investing three months of your life, invest it well. At RjM, you'll get the opportunity to step into projects on day one and make an impact, both for our clients and your portfolio.

  • Work alongside full time staff on real-world client projects
  • Own your own internal projects
  • Walk away with multiple portfolio items across a variety of industries and disciplines
  • Contribute creative ideas and work on campaigns at the highest level
  • Bring your experience and expertise to RjM