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Posted On February 28, 2012


Portfolio, Website Launches

Technique, Inc., masters of taking an idea and shaping it into a real and practical part, enlisted RjM to redesign their website—Tirps.com. The new website features a fresh, clean, new look and a breakdown of the products and services that Technique offers to its customers.

Technique called upon the web design specialists at RjM to create a website that converted visitors into inquiries, so the website is built around allowing multiple points of contact in each page. At the top of the page is a prominent “Receive a call now” button. Clicking this button reveals a drop-down area where the customer can provide their name and phone number, which upon submission sends a text message instantly to the Technique sales team. This tool allows Technique to immediately give a potential customer or longtime client a phone call to answer questions about the services they provide. A full contact form for more involved questions is available in the footer of every page.

Technique websiteThe rest of the website fills out with specialized landing pages for each product and service that Technique offers, creating pages designed for integration with a Google AdWords campaign. Combined with large photographs of their products, these pages create an instant glimpse of what Technique can offer a customer searching for prototype parts.  The website also features a company page, and a link to an off-site employment site, www.techniquejobs.com.

From metal stamping, tube bending, and laser cut tubing, to prototype manufacturing and secondary operations, Technique is ready to create a part to fit your needs. Now, thanks to the redesign, it has the website necessary to showcase these products.